DIA Fleet Course

Becoming a DVSA registered fleet trainer is just one of the ways you can enhance your existing skills and knowledge as an ADI to diversify your business. This specialised role promotes occupational road safety for people who drive for work.

Occupational drivers are statistically at higher risk of being involved in road incidents and crashes. They spend longer periods of time on the road than the average driver and regularly drive whilst experiencing stresses such as traffic, time pressures and fatigue.

Fleet Trainers work 1-2-1 or 2-1 with occupational drivers, both in class and on the road, to help improve their road safety. Fleet trainers demonstrate how to carry out appropriate vehicle checks to ensure vehicles are safe and legal. In the case of company owned vehicles, trainers ensure that their clients understand company policies for recording or reporting vehicle faults and reiterate the importance of recognising their responsibilities as a driver.

So why become a Fleet Trainer?

The DIA’s DVSA Accredited Fleet Course equips you with everything you need to apply for your DVSA Fleet Licence.

As a registered Fleet Trainer, you have the opportunity to:

  • Improve the driving habits and safety of occupational drivers
  • Expand your client base beyond learner drivers to work with experienced drivers
  • Generate additional income streams
  • Add more variety to your career as a driver trainer
  • Embark on training with some of the UK’s most exciting and prominent brands and companies

Course dates*:

Course dates to be announced shortly. If you are interested in qualifying as a fleet trainer and would like to know more about the course please contact training@driving.org.

18 – 20 March 2019 (fully booked)
25 – 27 March 2019 (fully booked) 
29 April – 1 May 2019
3 – 5 June 2019


If you would like to complete the DIA Fleet Course but are unable to attend the above dates, please don’t hesitate to contact training@driving.org as we are more than happy to discuss your options. 

*Course dates are subject to change. We require a minimum of two attendees for this course to run. 

Take advantage of our new lower price!

DIA Fleet Course now from just £525 (was £896)

DIA Plus members: £525
DIA Standard members: £535
Non-members: £585

Includes all four modules. This fee does not include the £120 DVSA registration fee.


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Terms and conditions

By purchasing this course you agree to the following terms and conditions:
Currently DIA Fleet courses are held from DIA HQ in Crawley, West Sussex.

Cancellation and refund policy 
Eligible for full refund if cancellation occurs within seven days of booking. Thereafter refunds will not be considered.

Course modules
You must complete all 4 modules of the DIA Fleet Trainer course with DIA. The modules are:
• DIA Fleet Theory test
• Diamond Elite or Fleet car test
• Award in Business Knowledge OR Award in Vehicle Knowledge
• In-car module and assessment

Duration and time limits for completion
DIA Fleet Theory test
This is a written exam style module conducted under exam conditions. This is limited to three attempts. You must bring suitable photo ID before being allowed to sit this test.

Driving assessment
A driving assessment must be taken and passed as part of the DIA Fleet Course. This is limited to three attempts. You can take either the Diamond Elite or Diamond Fleet test.
The Diamond Fleet test, which is the same standard as the DVSA Fleet test, comprises of:
  • A maximum of four driving faults
  • One manoeuvre
  • No emergency stop
  • Ten minutes of descriptive talk through
  • Duration 60 minutes approx.
The Diamond Elite test comprises of:
  • A maximum of two driving faults (which cannot be repeated faults)
  • Two reversing exercises
  • No emergency stop
  • 15 minutes of descriptive talk through
  • Duration 90 minutes approx.

Award in Business Knowledge OR Award in Vehicle Knowledge
You will need to complete either the Award in Business Knowledge or the Award in Vehicle Knowledge as part of the DIA Fleet Trainer course†, prior to the final In Car module and assessment. This is a home-learning module and the answers are research based. You have 28 days to complete this module. Once complete, both Awards contribute towards the DIA Diploma in Driver Education (DipDE). This means that if you are looking to work towards the DipDE, you will be able to use either the Award in Business Knowledge or the Award in Vehicle Knowledge as approved prior learning towards this.

In-car module
This module can only begin once Modules 1-3 (DIA Fleet Theory, Diamond Elite car test, Award in Business Knowledge/Vehicle Knowledge) are successfully completed. Taking place over 3 days (part in-car, part in-classroom) with continual assessments and the final assessment will take place on the afternoon of the last day. You will receive your result on the final day of the course. If successful, you will be provided with a certificate enabling you to apply to the DVSA for your official Fleet Licence.

†If you already hold the DIA Award in Business Knowledge or DIA Award in Vehicle Knowledge, you can use these qualifications towards the relevant modules of the DIA Fleet Trainer course.

Applying for DVSA Fleet Licence
On completion of the course, ADIs may apply for their DVSA Fleet Licence. The DIA Fleet Trainer course fee does not include the DVSA’s £120 registration fee.

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