Reusable / Washable Antibacterial Face Covering


Available in back or white, this washable antibacterial face Covering provides physical barrier protection against larger respiratory droplets, germ particles, and splashes for the user and the surroundings. These face Coverings are eco-friendly and safe to use on sensitive skin, suitable for both men and women.

Made from a durable and washable 100% cotton fabric, ideal to wear on all occasions it ensures utmost protection and full coverage all day long. Washable multiple times without losing effectiveness, even at high temperatures – ≥160°F (≥71°C).



  • 100% cotton
  • A Face Covering for both men and women 
  • Very soft, durable and breathable
  • Good airflow and breathability
  • Lightweight, smooth comfortable snug fit to protect your nose and mouth
  • Can be worn on its own or over a respirator

The soft ear loops can be stretched as needed to fit all face sizes


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