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What you’ll get out of the day:

  • Get the lowdown on the latest developments in the industry, and wider road safety, from senior DVSA personnel. What’s new in terms of driver and rider regulation and legislation. What’s changing in driver and rider testing and what developments can we expect to how ADIs are trained, assessed and regulated?
  • Q&A with industry experts – ask any burning questions, pitch your ideas and solutions to help develop driver training, start a debate and have your voice heard where it needs to be.
  • Networking with key industry contacts and fellow trainers
  • Visit trade stands and get some great deals and discounts from industry leading brands


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The trouble with traditional exhibitions and conferences in the profession is that – like a secret festival – they crop up once a year in one location, meaning only those who are local enough, or are able to take on the time and effort to travel, can access them. And, it means for us (and our partners, like DVSA and other industry stakeholders) we only get to see so many of you.

It's time for a change

We’re bringing our popular conference programme to two regions this November. This will allow for more of you to interact with us, other industry and wider road safety professionals, as well as your fellow trainers. Keeping it local gives us the chance to speak to as many trainers as possible across the UK and hear their voices.

We'll be kicking off the tour this Autumn at two core locations:

Is anyone sensing a link with our regulator’s own core locations yet? Well, in making it more geographically accessible to more members, it means we’ve also landed on the DVSA’s doorsteps too, and that means we get more interaction from more of their personnel too – meaning you get to talk with, and be heard by, a wider range of important decisions makers in our world.

We’ll be joined at these events by DVSA’s senior management team – including CEO Gareth Llewellyn – as well as personnel with a remit for a specific region or area of the organisation relevant to your every day work.

Along with the usual, unique opportunity DIA offers at its events to discuss key industry issues and initiatives, we have also designed a programme of CPD workshops for the day which will suit your interests or professional development needs.


Safeguarding and lone working: Adrian Coucher | Driver Trainer at APC Training

This session will explore the important subject of safeguarding for trainers. We will define what safeguarding is, how trainers can help and also how they can be affected, we’ll look at ways to help reduce the risk of allegations and complaints towards ADIs and share some common reasons for this and how best to respond if you found yourself in such a situation.

As well as this, we will look at the different types of abuse and neglect and highlight some of the signs to look out for and how to respond if a pupil discloses a safeguarding breach to you.

Trainers are in the main, lone workers, and so we will also explore the risks we can face on a daily basis as lone working trainers, and what additional safeguards we can put in place to minimise our exposure to these risks.

Standards Check: Olivia Baldock-Ward | Head of Membership and Training at the DIA

Always a popular subject! The standards check is such an important time for trainers as our performance on the day determines our all-important grade, therefore it is essential that we are all up to speed with the rules surrounding the standards check and what is expected of us so that we can be fully prepared and feel confident on the day.

As part of this process, it is essential that trainers keep themselves up to date and be fully cognizant of what is expected of them in order to deliver a Grade A standard everyday– not just for the standards check.

Trainers must also be up to speed with the National Standards for Driver and Rider Training. This document has lots of crossover with the standards check, providing essential and helpful information for trainers. This national standard sets out the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to deliver a programme of driver and rider training and it so is vital that trainers understand these national standards and how to deliver them everyday. We’ll show you how closely this document links with your standards check and why you need to include it in your professional development to help you achieve the best result on the day!

Pupil confidence: Mark Born | Driving Instructor Training Manager at AA Driving School and BSM

This workshop will look at the interesting and also worrying subject of pupils having far too much confidence whilst they are learning to drive. We’ll look at the other end of the scale too where not having enough confidence can also create risk.

Both subjects come with their own set of challenges and hurdles for both the trainer and pupil to overcome and both areas can be very frustrating for both sides. As experienced drivers and trainers, we know the risks that over confidence can create plus the stats for crashes and incidents for newly qualified drivers show that they are more likely to be involved in an incident in the first year of driving. So why does over confidence affect some of our pupils and what else can we do to help reduce the risk?

Equally not having enough confidence can hold people back as they also have a false sense of their abilities. Left unchecked, this can also lead to drivers (sometimes unknowingly) getting themselves into high-risk situations. We’ll look at reasons behind this and some practical solutions you can take away!


08:15 am

09:00 am 
Conference starts – DIA CEO Carly Brookfield welcomes all and will provide the latest update from the DIA. We will also have the latest news and updates directly from the DVSA, reflecting back on 2019, plus we will be looking ahead to what the driver training industry holds for 2020. You will also have your chance to ask your burning questions directly to the DVSA.

10:30 am
Break – take a walk around our exhibitors whilst enjoying a coffee and a tasty snack

11:00 am
Workshops – the first of three engaging workshops on hot industry topics

12:30 pm

01:30 pm

05:00 pm





Cardington (10/09/2020), Bristol (15/10/2020), Nottingham (12/11/2020)

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