Applied Coach Approach

Deliver more effective and long-lasting training

Coaching is an excellent technique that trainers should use to help deliver more effective and long-lasting training.  The Applied Coach Approach course illustrates how coaching principles can be used to help learners identify obstacles to their learning and develop strategies to overcome them. 

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Applied Coach Approach

Applied Coach Approach will demonstrate how coaching principles can be used to help learners identify obstacles to learning and strategies to overcome them.

The course covers a variety of coaching techniques and videos in the context of a driver training session. Focusing on the positive aspects of your pupils’ driving can lead to more effective learning for them, and more enjoyable training sessions for both learner and ADI. Throughout the day, we will show you how coaching principles lead to a better rapport between the trainer and learner, ensuring all driver-training sessions are effective.

Coaching is a technique that we need to be using as trainers. It helps to develop your pupils’ self-awareness and ability to evaluate their own knowledge, skills and performance – techniques that have long lasting effects on their attitude to driving. Coaching is a highly successful driver training approach, which also features on the Standards Check and as part of one of the units in the National Standard for Driver and Rider Training. It is therefore an excellent skill to have and is to be embraced both in a classroom setting, for speed awareness, fleet or motorcycle trainers, as well as in a car with any licence holder.

So get involved with our popular Applied Coach Approach course. This course has helped so many ADIs and PDIs with their training approaches and development with new training tools, helping pupils and full-licence holders alike to learn and develop their driving in the best way they can. Coaching gives you even greater training power when delivering driver training and working towards safer roads.

Course overview:

  • Promoting positive interaction between pupil and ADI
  • Enabling pupils to become more self aware as drivers
  • Enabling pupils to actively problem solve
  • Helping learners take greater ownership and responsibility with their learning
  • Helping general pupil involvement

Included resources:

  • All materials
  • Refreshments
  • Lunch
  • CPD certificate


10:00am – 4:00pm

Registration and coffee from 9:30am

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