Play your role in the UK’s biggest research project into learner driver training

We need your pupils! If you haven’t encouraged your pupils to get involved in Driver2020 yet, please do now! We need as many driver trainers as possible encouraging their learners to sign up to the trials.

What is Driver2020?

Driver2020 is the largest research trial of its kind to ever have been conducted in the field of young and novice driver education. Its focus is to try and understand what interventions and approaches work best (or don’t even work at all so we avoid doing them in the future, and focus time, energy, government policy and funding on doing more impactful things instead!) in driver education.

Over 10,000 pupils are required to take part in a series of trial interventions so we can understand whether they have an impact in creating safer and more competent new drivers. 

Pupils will be randomly allocated to one of 5 trials. There is nothing particularly hard or challenging they will be asked to do – they will simply be asked to undertake some supplementary learning online perhaps, take part in a focus group or trial driver education classroom session, use telematics, log their learning journey and work towards key learning goals, increase their access to hazard perception training.

Pupils involved will have the unique opportunity to not only access additional learning and training resources to support their own individual learning to drive journey, but also help shape driver training in the UK. And any pupil taking part also has the chance to win a year’s free new driver insurance, as well as access to some other great incentives during and after the trial.

How do they sign up?

Your pupils can sign up at

What’s in it for ADIs?

Many of the interventions in the trial have a focus on approaches trainers can use to supplement traditional training methods – indeed many of them encourage further learning and practice with ADIs and on road.

As an industry we also often moan that big road safety projects don’t involve driver trainers enough – this project absolutely needs ADI involvement to make it a success – and if some of the core trials prove successful, it has the opportunity to increase the opportunity for more ADI involvement in shaping and delivering more impactful learning to drive activity in the future.

Your pupils will benefit from additional learning resources and activity during the trial too. Help shape the future of driver training in the UK by getting your pupils signed up to this hugely important project today. 

If you have any further questions or queries about the Driver2020 research project, you can get in touch with the team at

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