New driving test changes explained

With Monday 4 December fast approaching, the new driving test changes will soon be coming into action. We’ve produced a video outlining not just the changes being made to the L test but importantly why they are being made. You are welcome to use the video to share with colleagues and pupils on your website or across your social media accounts.

CEO Carly Brookfield said: “We put this walkthrough together because, whilst there are a number of DVSA publications about the changes (i.e. ‘the whats’), there wasn’t a lot pointing out the ‘whys’. We encourage our members to share this video on social media to offer pupils further information about the developments – adding the video on your website also helps boost your SEO and social media profile.

“I would add, that whilst this piece does talk positively in the main about the key developments to the test, we are mindful of some of the concerns members still have about the implementation of the changes and – regardless of the fact the new test will be in place in a few short weeks – we still continue to have a dialogue with DVSA about those points.

“When the test is in action, that will be the true testing ground for the impact of the changes and as a key stakeholder, DIA will be monitoring, evaluating and feeding back to DVSA the impacts for them to consider further development.”

The DVSA’s YouTube channel has a plethora of helpful videos outlining the changes being brought in, well worth a visit.

Watch their ‘Driving test changes’ playlist on YouTube.

You can also download a PDF version of DVSA’s ‘Driving test changes handbook’. You’re welcome to share this with your pupils and their parents if you think this will help them.

Download ‘Driving test changes handbook’ (PDF, 262KB).

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