NASP shares DVSA safe operating protocols

NASP has published DVSA’s safe operating protocols for examiners conducting critical worker tests. The protocols set out how examiners should manage tests to best mitigate the risk of COVID-19. 

DIA is working with colleagues in NASP, as well as DVSA, to develop a register of instructors delivering training to key workers. This will take trainers thorough a short online training workshop using these safe operating protocols and also includes a quick theory test. 

On successful completion of the workshop and theory test, trainers will be issued with a unique certificate to display while training. This states they are training key workers, i.e. carrying out essential work and therefore driving for an essential purpose. If members of the public wish to verify this, the trainer can simply refer them to the register. 

This comes after some ADIs reported receiving challenges from members of the public while training key workers and, on occasion, by police. 

As driving tests have been suspended for non-essential candidates, slots are only open to critical workers Due to government directives regarding social distancing and only travelling for essential journeys, while there is no directive forbidding driver training this time, it is understood that the only driver training which should be taking place at this time is for key workers

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