NASP publishes new guidance for driver and rider trainers

The National Associations Strategic Partnership (composed of DIA, ADINJC and MSA) has published updated guidance for driver and rider trainers as lockdown starts to ease, and there is the potential of returning to a wider level of training by the start of July.

We have not received official guidance from the government yet in respect of a date they feel it is appropriate for driver and rider training to fully resume. DVSA recently tweeted:

“Driving Instructors should limit instruction to key workers preparing for an essential driving test”. 

However, NASP wished to offer guidance to trainers who want to start preparing for their return to work now.

We are asking the government every day for updated guidance for driver and rider trainers and, as soon as we receive it, we will share it with members. 

Click the button below for the official NASP guidance. 

1 thought on “NASP publishes new guidance for driver and rider trainers”

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    Edward Cliffe

    Forgive me if this has been asked before.
    I have pupil who has a test booked 26/6/20 . When I last saw her for lessons was 11 weeks ago before lockdown. She had a test originally booked for early April . It is fair to say she was approaching test standard.
    My ? Is when can we expect DVSA to confirm or rearrange the June test?. I would normally expect a pupil who has test 3 – 4 weeks away to be having regular lessons to ensure standards are kept up. With this enforced break of what is now going into 11th. Week I would really want to recommence lessons ASAP.
    I fully understand the pressures DVSA are under but surely they must make a deck on re tests 30 days in advance.
    Is it possible for you to leaze with DVSA re this matter. I know I am not the only instructor to be concerned re this matter.
    Eddie Cliffe

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