Morning habits

Morning habits to start your day right

Morning habits Have you ever noticed that when you start your day in a frenzy, hitting the snooze on your alarm and rushing yourself out of the door, it has a knock-on effect for the rest of the day?

Here are some tips to help you start your day off right.

Plan the night before

Morning habits. Packed lunch being prepared.

To start your day right, have a plan of what you need to get done and when it all needs doing. Each evening try to prep anything you can for the following day. Whether that’s getting your breakfast or lunch prepared, putting out the clothes you will wear, getting all your work documents together in your bag or checking the traffic and weather reports, these will all help alleviate the amount you need to do in the morning to avoid having to rush around. 

Get enough sleep

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This seems pretty obvious, however it is worth pointing out that to function properly and to be able to concentrate and have the energy you need for the day you need to aim for seven-eight hours of sleep a night. Having too little sleep will have an effect on you for the rest of the day. Keeping a notepad by your bed can be helpful to jot down anything that is playing on your mind and preventing you from falling asleep. If you are really struggling to fall asleep then get up and go and do something until you feel you could fall asleep, if you’re anything like me, just lying there won’t help. Good House Keeping have a list of the seven best sleep apps to download in 2020, according to experts. Click here to see what they are.

Stretch it out

Morning habits. Man waking up and stretching while sitting on the bed. Morning habits

Getting up in the morning isn’t always easy. You can have days where you feel sluggish and ache from head to toe. A few gentle stretches before getting out of bed will activate your body and get your blood flowing for the day. Start your day right with some great stretches we found on the Bupa website that explain clearly how to safely do them. Click here.

Let the sunshine in

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Open the curtains and shades to get some natural light. Light sends a signal to your brain that it’s time to be awake and stop producing melatonin, a sleep-regulating hormone. Open the windows to breathe in some fresh air (even if it’s just for a quick Arctic blast in the winter). 

A good morning habit is to make your bed. Studies have shown this helps calm people down and set a positive tone for the day.

Make time for breakfast

Morning habits. Organic Breakfast Quinoa with Nuts Milk and Berries.

Hunger can make you distracted or unable to focus. If this happens to you often, start your day right with a good morning habit of eating some breakfast . Even if it’s a grab and go breakfast that you’ve put together the night before. There are a lot of studies that show how a simple glass of water gets your internal system working. Just a quick glass of water helps wake you up and get you moving. For some great healthy breakfast ideas from BBC Good Food, click here

Take 5

Morning habits. A mug of coffee with 'Good morning' written on the side.

A good morning habit is to take just five quiet minutes in the morning. Enjoy this time. Have a tea or coffee and think about what you need to do to start your day with a positive mindset.

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