Exclusive Plus membership benefits

Plus membership gives you more. 

Plus members get exclusive access to a wide range of discounts, deals and offers on a large range of benefits through PG Mutual discounts, this allows you to save on your every day essentials including energy, as well as, saving on your car insurance. Plus members can also take advantage of the discounts on experiences provided through PlayPass. This gifts members the opportunity to enjoy walks in the Cotswolds, beauty treatments at various locations and even motoring days out.

PG Mutual exclusive Plus membership

PG Mutual Income Protection Plus

Income protection plus provides you with a tailored plan that pays you a regular income should you find yourself off work due to accident or illness, an income that will help towards paying the bills whilst you recover.

Drive Car Hire

Exclusive 25% DIA discount offer code to use on Drive Car Hire services.

Drive Car Hire’s dual control car hire supplies you with a replacement car if yours is off the road allowing you to continue to teach and earn.

PG Mutual discounts

Though PG Mutual DIA Plus members can take advantage of the best products from the biggest brands but at a discount.


DIA have collaborated with Boundless by CSMA to bring you PlayPass.
DIA Plus members can take advantage of access to PlayPass completely free of charge.

Not a DIA member? Why not join the UK’s biggest association of professional driving instructors.