Applicants must

  • Provide evidence they are training key workers. This can take the form of employer ID (NHS etc) or a letter from the pupil’s employer identifying them as a key worker needing driver training at this time or evidence of a confirmed critical worker driving test from DVSA. 
  • Complete a short online course which gives guidance on safe training protocols designed to mitigate the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19
  • Pass a short theory test to demonstrate this important knowledge and guidance has been understood, and that the trainer will comply with those safe protocols
  • Make a declaration that this certification will only be used for the purposes of training key workers and not for use when training regular pupils (as this type of training is discouraged at this time)
  • Registrants are sent updates and further guidance as it develops
Registration, access to the online courses and resources for trainers and their pupils, and the key worker trainer badge​ is free. As well as developing resources designed to help key workers at this time, DIA is also donating to NHS Charities Together. Should you wish to donate too simply follow the link below.

Your personal data is only being collected and used here to help provide validation that your trainer is delivering essential training to you in your role as a key worker (in the context of COVID-19 outbreak). Your data will be used only for this purpose and held securely for a maximum period of six months, whereupon your data will be safely destroyed. We will not share your data with any third party, or utilise it for any purpose other than in provision of this register. Please refer to our Privacy Statement for further details about how we obtain, store and safeguard personal data. 

Please note: The in-vehicle training of key workers is entirely at the discretion and risk of the individual trainer/training school at this time. Trainers should carefully evaluate whether the pupil has an essential need for on road training at this time before onboarding them. Should you need further guidance on this issue please contact

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