Get Into Driving

Promoting our profession (and our professional members) to the public is one of the key roles we have as the leading industry association. Our ‘Find a Driving instructor’ search directory has proven to be a popular and valuable benefit for members, attracting thousands of potential driver training customers each month and is the second top ranked instructor search directory on Google after DVSA’s ‘Find Your Nearest’. This free pupil acquisition tool is included in DIA membership as standard and helps boost the business of many a member. 

You might have recently noticed this the search directory is no longer found that on the DIA ( website. That’s because we are working on bringing you an upgraded version, re-homed on our new online driver training information hub: Get Into Driving.

Not only have we enhanced the search listing itself, allowing you to include more detail and more promotional points in your personalised listing, we’re also placing that newly improved directory front and centre of a far more pupil friendly site, surrounded by lots of useful information about developing your driving. 

Get Into Driving will offer the public comprehensive and expert guidance on driver training and education, acting as a one stop shop for advice and information on topics ranging from getting your initial licence, help with taking theory, hazard perception and practical tests, developing your driving and riding skills (including additional licence acquisition), as well as advice on advanced training, buying a car, insurance or just general motoring. 

Placing you, our member, at the centre of this unique new information hub means we can not only better promote professional driver and rider training, but also individual driver training businesses. On every page of this new site pupils will be able to look for a local trainer using our enhanced search and members will be found more easily by new customers. 

But remember – whilst we’ll be working hard to promote Get into Driving to a bigger audience, you will also need to work on your profile first to ensure you stand out from the crowd. You can do this by following our simple steps below on how to claim your listing and polish up your profile so customers have the best chance of finding you. 

Get started and claim your listing

Follow our handy guides to help you set up and add to your profile so users can find you more easily.   

Need some inspiration? We have setup an example listing to give you an idea of what your profile could look like.