Examiners prescribed tablets

DVSA have published their digital strategy for 2018 to 2022, which sets out their plans as they work to become a digitally enabled organisation.


In the paper, published this week, DVSA indicated how they plan to better meet the needs of all their users and stakeholders. To help meet the needs of ADI’s the digital strategy states that they will:

  • make sure it’s easy to understand the end-to-end journey of becoming a driving instructor, what you need to do, and in what order

  • improve our digital services to apply to become a driving instructor, get a trainee driving instructor licence, book and manage the tests you need to take to qualify, and then register when you’ve successfully qualified

  • make it easier to update and manage your ADI registration once you’re qualified, including being able to record that you follow the ADI code of practice and your commitment to continuing professional development – and then choose what information you want to make available to learner drivers looking for a driving instructor

  • improve our digital services to renew your ADI registration every 4 years, and look at ways of using platforms like GOV.UK Notify to send you text or email reminders when it’s time to renew

  • introduce a digital service so you can book your ADI standards check at a time that’s convenient to you

  • make it easier to book and manage driving tests for your pupils from your mobile phone, and pay for tests conveniently and securely

  • make it easier to access and use the national standard for driving, the national standard for driver and rider training, and the learning to drive syllabus

  • make it easy for you to give feedback about the services you use, so we can be sure we’re making the right changes to improve them

  • share information about what we’re doing to improve the services on our Despatch blog for driver and rider trainers and send you email alerts about these blog posts – this will help you know what’s changing and why

  • share information about changes to laws, rules and policies that affect you as a driving instructor using the Despatch blog, email alerts and social media


Using tablets during the driving test

DVSA also add that they are transforming services for driving tests and motorcycle tests, including allowing DVSA driving examiners to record test results directly onto a tablet, rather than on paper, by the end of the year.

A driving examiner is not there to supervise a learner driver during their test, as they are observing and assessing the learner’s skills (regulation 16 of the Motor Vehicles (Driving Licences) Regulations 1999). During the test, the tablet screen won’t be visible to the learner driver, and the rest of the tablets functions will be turned off.

DVSA have said that they will be blogging more about how this will work soon – so keep your eyes peeled.


Using a tablet while practising

As a driving instructor, it is your responsibility to supervise a learner driver at all times and therefore should not use a tablet or mobile device while the vehicle’s engine is switched on.

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