How do we drive up safety on our high speeds roads?

Driving on high speed roads.

How can we develop safer drivers on our motorways and other high speed roads?

  • Fatalities and serious injuries on our strategic road network cost up to £700 million per year
  • There are over 10,000 road traffic injury collisions per annum
  • There were over 220 deaths on our highways network in 2015, over 1500 seriously injured
  • Let’s help the next generation of high speed road users drive to a safer standard – and drive these figures down

DIA is working in partnership with Highways England on a new project aimed at helping learners and new drivers develop their knowledge, competency and confidence in using motorways and other high-speed roads. An important element of this project is the development of training resources for both novice drivers and trainers which can be used in learning about this specific area of driving.

The first stage of this project is crucial, and that is the research stage. We need to know what trainers think are the key elements of learning in this area, and how that learning should be delivered. We also want to know what pupils and new drivers think and feel about driving on high-speed roads – as well as what specific training they feel they need (and again, how they’d like that learning delivered).

We are now inviting ADIs, pupils and new drivers alike across the country to take part in two important surveys which will directly shape a series of free new learning resources available to pupils, new drivers and driver trainers.

Please help us develop this key area of driver education by completing the survey (most relevant to you) below.

If you are a driver trainer please complete the ADI survey and give us your views and ideas from the trainer’s perspective.

We’d also like you to share the learner/new driver survey with your pupils past and present so we get as much input from learners and new drivers as possible. To share the survey with your pupils simply send them the link to this page by email or text, or post the link on your social media feeds.

If you are a Learner or have recently passed your driving test please take the Learner/New Driver Survey.

The surveys only take a few moments to complete but your feedback will be really valuable in shaping training materials and tools aimed at improving the safety of new drivers on our high speed road network.

Thank you in advance for your support and your input. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of the project and we hope to launch the new learning resources later this year.

The DIA Team in partnership with Highways England

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