App to record driving tests

Driving examiners to say goodbye to the clipboard and pen

Successful learners will receive their full driving licences quicker as driving examiners start marking the car driving test digitally, DVSA has announced today.

Driving examiners are using tablets to mark the driving test digitally as part of a phased roll out. A specially developed app is replacing the clipboard and pen. 

Shifting to the paperless test report will mean learners will receive an electronic summary report of their test that they can review with their instructor, pass or fail, to discuss which areas of their driving could be further improved.

The driving test and what learners are assessed on is not changing.

Chief driving examiner Mark Winn said: “DVSA’s priority is to help everyone through a lifetime of safe driving.

“We’re committed to providing the best possible service for customers. By investing in technology and replacing the clipboard and pen we are helping speed up the time it takes a new-qualified driver to receive their driving licence.

“The app will modernise the way our examiners work, making it easier for them to carry out their jobs.”

Carly Brookfield, DIA’s CEO said: “It’s good to finally see the digitisation of the practical test fully launched.

“Thousands of people hours were spent on the previous manual inputting of test data. With examiners now able to key test results straight into a digital framework via an iPad in the vehicle, the delivery and accuracy of test results, and ultimately someone’s licence, will be vastly improved. We’ve been closely involved in the development of the app and welcome its introduction.”

Driving examiners currently use a paper form (DL25) to record the results of the 1.9 million car driving tests they carry out each year. The form is tick box based and is used to mark against pre-set driving assessment standards, such as control of the vehicle and observations. 

Currently, DVSA manually collates test results and then sends them electronically to the DVLA who issue the licences. The app will remove the need for a paper trail and help to reduce the time it takes DVSA to send test results to DVLA. 

The app has been designed in line with government digital service standards and is set be rolled out to all DVSA examiners by the end of the year.

Approved driving instructors and other accompanying drivers such as friends and family, are not allowed to use a tablet whilst supervising a learner driver, it is illegal.

DVSA will continuously improve how the app works for car tests, and look to roll it out to other test categories later.

1 thought on “Driving examiners to say goodbye to the clipboard and pen”

  1. Stephen Dix

    This new system is failing the candidates by not providing SMART feedback after a practical test is taken.
    If the candidate doesn’t have or bring their mobile phone, or if they don’t have a mobile data package, they cannot access the produced feedback email in a timely manner. Also this email doesn’t take seconds to come through, but in my experience of four tests already, it takes up to 8 minutes by which time they may be home. The examiners don’t remember the faults recorded and have no access to them after they complete their input process and a comment of “that’s the system” isn’t constructive or productive. Therefore as an instructor I cannot provide constructive and timely feedback on what happened during the test. I don’t have the same view from the back of the car as the examiner.

    The DIA needs to campaign for the results message to be displayed on the tablet after the test input is completed so, at the very least, instructors can take a photo on their phone to view in a timely manner to provide feedback whilst the test is fresh in the candidates mind. This could be cross referenced with the recorded footage on the dashcam to give the pupil relevant feedback of their test. Obviously comprehensive SMART feedback from the examiner would be even more desirable.

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