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Mercure Dartford Brands Hatch Hotel & Spa | 23 November 2018 | 9:00am – 4:00pm

DIA Driver and Rider Training Awards 2018

DIA Driver and Rider Training Awards 2017

We see the return of DIA’s Driver and Rider Training Awards, celebrating the achievements of the profession.

Our Driver and Rider Training Awards give special recognition to ADIs, pupils and other industry stakeholders who have made a difference to the world of driver and rider training in 2018. 

Click the headings below to submit your nominations:

Pupil Progress Award

If you have a pupil who has triumphed over adversity to get their licence or impressed you with their fighting spirit, celebrate their journey by nominating them for this award.

Training Hero Award

Whether you're a pupil, fellow ADI, local association or road safety partner, if you feel an instructor in your area deserves special recognition for going beyond the brief, nominate them for this award. (Open to all types of trainer; rider, car, fleet etc).

Training School of the Year

We want to hear from training schools who think they deliver more, from quality training to innovation and customer service. Enter now to celebrate your training school success.

Local Association of the Year

Local associations play an important role in offering ADIs advice, support and networking opportunities in what can be quite an isolated role. Nominate the association who deserve recognition for going the extra mile for their local trainers.

Driver Education Campaign of the Year

Which road safety campaigns really have an impact - especially when it comes to the key area of driver education? From independent to national campaigns, who will you nominate for the best initiative?

Trainers Choice Award - Training Car Insurance

Which brands do you believe delivers on value for money, quality of service and level of cover it comes to insuring your training car?

Trainers Choice Award - Learner/Young Driver Insurance

Which insurer do you think provides the best range of cover, value for money as well as service and approach to working with both pupils and trainers?

Trainers Choice Award - Product of the Year

Which product makes the biggest difference to you and is a must-have tool for any trainer?

Trainers Choice Award - Car of the Year

Which makes and models are in pole position for you as a trainer?

Industry Achievement Award

This special award recognises an organisation or individual who has made a significant contribution to the industry in 201i8.

Voting closes on 5th November 2018. The winners will be announced on the day of the conference.

We will also be making presentations to our members that have achieved their Diploma in Driver Education this year.

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